British Pie Thumb

A Slice of British Pie

25 Minutes of UK Excellence

“Combine Josh Bryceland, Phil Atwill, Brendan Fairclough and a bunch of other riders. Add in some wintery British slopes and you’ve got yourself a slice of lunacy…”

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Raw DH in the UK

Unhinged on the Big Bike

Plenty of sideways action and smooth jumps in this tasty morsel of downhill action.

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Sending it Across the Pond

Trans-Atlantic Shredding

Matt Jones is equally skilled at ripping both sides of the ocean.

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Melamed Ripping the Shore

Jesse rails our locals on Plus tires

Jesse Melamed heads to the Shore on a Rocky Pipeline to test out Maxxis’ new plus-sized tires.

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Uncle Dave – Commencal Frame Winner!

Awesome Winning Question

“I can hold my breath underwater for four hours, chew a shark’s head off with my bare teeth, put a bullet through a gnat’s ass at two miles…”

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TDS Enduro RAW!

The 5th Dirty Sanchez

The fifth running of The Dirty Sanchez Enduro attracted riders like Jerome Clementz, Iago Garay and Nathan Riddle – and lots of carnage…

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Rachel Atherton’s Winning Cairns Run

What 7 Second Victory Looks Like

Rachel’s dominance over the field seems to be growing and her pace here makes that clear…

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Semenuk 4Wheels Sideways

Sliding the Subie

Brandon Semenuk has more fun working than most of us have playing – but we get to enjoy the fruits of his err – labour….

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Whyte Bikes T-130C: First Impressions

Words - Jon Harris

Aggressive geometry and pricing along with distinctive frame details help the Whyte T130c gap the competition…

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Cruzfest by Taylor Sage

Lemonade and Ducktape Stuffs

As usual Andreu steals the show but the ballsy riding and burly bails get spread out among the cruzfest crew…

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2017 Juliana Joplin

The Joplin comes in two wheel sizes but only one colour – and it’s new from the knobs up…

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12 Year Old Rides Gravitron

Mini Shredder

The name may be an exaggeration considering this is Florida – but this kid makes the most of the gaps and step downs…

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X-Fusion Trace HLR – Teardown

Words - Andrew Major

“Many consider X-Fusion the leader when it comes to features and ride quality per dollar…”

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Mick Hannah Pinned at Cairns

A Bronze Medal Blast

Send it with Sick Mick down the DH track at Cairns, and see what it takes to land on the podium.

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Must Ride in Scotland

Bikes or Beat It

“No matter how many times I come here it’s like the first time – it really is an awe-inspiring environment…”

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